The Industrial Vault Club


The Industrial Vault Club (IVC) is an open club for individuals of all ages. Our goal is to promote the safety and awareness of the sport through proper technique and structured training programs. The IVC welcomes interested athletes from beginner to the elite status jumper. On this page you will find information pertaining to membership with our club.

Membership fees are used for USATF signups, facilities rentals, apparel, travel expenses and pole replacement. All participating IVC athletes are registered with the USATF. All membership fees and forms are required prior to the first practice

Membership sign up for the IVC will start October 1 with practices commencing in November. Unfortunately there is a limited amount of slots that the IVC can fill until we are able to establish a permanent facility for practices. Please keep in mind that simply signing up will not ensure a spot in the club -- due to the limitations of time and facility availability. 

Once the sign up period starts in October, please go to the sign up page of this site and complete the 2016-17 Registration Application Form. A club representative will verify your your information and advise you regarding availability for the upcoming year. If a position is available for your practice request, you will be notified to complete all medical, facility, and registration forms. Below is a link that will take you to the signup page.


Coaches who wish to bring their athletes in to use the facility under their own coaching can schedule days/times in advance.  We require one week’s notice to allow for time to file schedule changes with the USATF.  This option will be subject to the availability of one of the registered IVC coaches who must be present for liability purposes.  Coaches will be given the freedom to coach, but will be under the supervision of the attending IVC coach.  Anything deemed to be unsafe by the IVC coach in attendance will result in immediate termination of practice, and future loss of this privilege.  All fee's will be negotiated based on time and hours of use and must be paid in advance to The Industrial Vault Club. Please see Coach Mackey for details


During the outdoor season, semi-private sessions will be held.  A minimum of 3 athletes will be required at these sessions.  Costs will be $25.00 per hour per athlete.


Private sessions are also available per request.  One-on-one scheduled sessions focused on specialty drills, and specific  techniques to correct weaknesses in the athlete’s vault.  All individual private lessons can be scheduled through Coach Mackey.

SIGNUP for the IVC

2016-17 FEES & COSTS

The following fees will apply to membership and training schedules for the 2016-2017 season. 

REGISTRATION FEE:  $125.00 new members /  $100.00 renewals – Includes USATF Membership, Club T-shirt, facility, equipment, pole usage and insurance.  

(1) day per week or (4) Sundays per month $100.00

(2) days per week or Sunday + (1) day (total of 8 days per month) $160.00

(3) days per week or (12) days per month - $200.00

On the sign up sheet you will be given an opportunity to choose days and times to attend practice. Sessions are limited to 10-12 athletes and priority is given based on days attending.