IVC History

In the Beginning.....

We officially established our club in 2007. Originally, we had the use of an 8,750 square foot "INDUSTRIAL" facility (thus the name!). From 2007 to 2013 this is where we called home. the IVC offered (2) full runways set-ups, rings training, swing up machines, and a rope vault to enhance athlete training. In 2014, a decision was made to move the training facility to the Massillon location. This facility offered a raised runway ,vaulting in a climate controlled environment , and  a full set of swing-up and training apparatus.  

In the fall of 2015 we will be moving again. The administration of the IVC is currently looking for a permanent home for the IVC. We will be making an announcement in early fall about our 2015-16 location. We have several opportunities that will allow us to provide the best available environment for our athletes to train. Stay tuned for what we hope will be some very exciting news.​

The Industrial Vault Club


Athletes attending IVC practices can expect an organized routine of drills to help them build strength, speed, endurance, and strong foundational skills. Drills will vary per practice but will including: pylon runs, swing ups, horizontal bars, rings, rope and rope-vault, as well as numerous on-track drills. Most sessions are two-hours long and are organized to allow the athlete an opportunity to work on fundamental skills as well as specific areas of the vault where improvement is needed. Below is a brief clip of one of our early practice sessions

If you are interested in becoming a member of the IVC, we invite you to attend an IVC practice. We are confident that you will find this an enjoyable way to improve your vaulting skills in a relaxed learning environment. Please contact us or any of the coaches through our contacts page.

Ring Drills
Improve athletes ability to swing up and hold inverted position while teaching proper form and body position


Rope Drills
Another foundational drill used to strengthen core and promote swing

Slide Box and catch-drills

Used to promote proper plant timing and position at takeoff


Cone drills
Used to strengthen high knee runs with claw-strike stride

Swing up machine to build core strength and muscle memory

Training Content